Mini Guided Tour in Silk Kimono

Stroll through Ginza in pure silk kimono! This authentic silk kimono is perfect to visit the high-end shopping town, Ginza, or watch Kabuki for one act. Mini Tokyo tour by a certified tour guide is included.


  • Wear true silk kimono in a proper way
  • Mini guided tour with a certificated guide
  • Stroll around Ginza in a silk kimono
  • Watch Kabuki in silk kimono with an additional ticket fee
  • Tea ceremony, Japanese ink calligraphy experiences available by request


Kimono has a long history in our Japanese culture, and we still wear it on special occasions such as weddings, school entrance ceremonies and tea ceremonies as a formal wear. Such Kimono for special occasions must be made from silk. Silk Kimono is smooth and fits your body naturally, which is very different from a polyester one. We prepare silk Kimono and silk obi, sash and tie, and dress you in the highest-grade style. The rental studio is located in Higashi Ginza just across the street from Kabukiza theater. It is run by one of the major Kimono agents, and provides a luxury dressing space. The hair and make-up arrangements are also available by request for additional charges. It takes about 30 minutes for Kimono dressing, another 30 minutes for hair arrangements if requested. After you complete your dress up in Kimono, your 2 hours rental period will start. Then a certified tour guide will take you to a mini Tokyo tour in Kimono for two hours. You can go to places like Asakusa, Akihabara, Ueno, Yanesen, Ginza, Tokyo Station, Imperial Palace, etc. Finishing the guided tour, please return to the studio in Ginza by yourself by the designated due time. If you are interested in a tea ceremony, or Japanese ink calligraphy, we can arrange the lesson within the Ginza studio. Please feel free to ask.

Price: 27,000 yen for two (including tax)

Meeting point: COCON GINZA at Higishi Ginza
The locker and spacious dressing rooms are provided.

For booking: please send an e-mail to
In principle, booking shall be made seven days in advance.  Tour is not available on Wednesdays. For details, please ask us. We are quite flexible.

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