Tokyo Sky Tree


Tokyo Sky Tree is a new TV and radio broadcasting tower for Tokyo area replacing Tokyo Tower. While Tokyo Tower locates in the center of Tokyo, it locates North East side of Tokyo. It is not only a TV tower but also a complex with shopping mall and an aquarium. It  took about 3 and a half years to build and the final height is 634 meter, announced as the second tallest structure in the world at the time of completion.

It has world top class high elevator which take only 50 seconds to bring you up to 350 meters high, operated by Toshiba. Elevator has four designs representing four seasons, each one has different entertainment while you go up. I thought it is enjoyable but last summer I found the elevator of One World Observatory in NY is much cooler and sharp.

Book in advance or buy the same day ticket? Advantage of Advance booking is your admittance is guaranteed and no need to wait in a long queue. Disadvantage is the weather of the day. If it is cloudy or rainy, you may not see much at the 350-meter high. There is one more option, Fast Ticket! That allow you to fast access to the gate at the cost of about 50% more of the normal ticket. My special tip is book restaurant 634 and ask them to prepare the ticket if you really want to go without advance booking and waiting in the queue. The restaurant food is good and view is excellent. First I though the design, shape, and the lighting all so lame but recently I even feel a sense of familiarity. I am readjusting to Japan very well!

The entrance ticket is about 2000 yen. For booking, click here.

Tokyo Sky Tree, Restaurant 634, Sumida Aquarium

February 2017