Taiza Crab, the King of Matsuba Crab


Taiza crab is called “Maboroshi” Crab, “Maboroshi” is one of the words that are hard to translate into English. Literally it means illusion, fantasy, or phantasmal. In this case, it is not illusion but just rare in the market. Taiza fishing port is located in the north of Kyoto Prefecture facing Sea of Japan, which is very small and has only four small commercial fishing ships. As they are small in scale and Sea of Japan in winter is very rough, ships come back to the port every day. As a result, the number of crabs they can catch is limited but they taste excellent as they are shipped to the market alive. Most of the crabs caught are consumed locally by the hotel guests who come all the way to eat fresh Taiza Crab. They are rare to be found in Tokyo, maybe you can find some in Kyoto.

(above, actually there were also grilled crab, steamed crab in the course, just forgot to take photos.)

Do you want to know how much per Taiza Crab? I heard 50,000 yen to 60,000 yen in average, and more than 80,000 for the big one. I am sure it costs much more in Kyoto or in Tokyo if you can find them. That is how I joined this once-in-a-life time gorgeous crab dinner. Well, once you taste it, some people get addicted. It is sooooooo specially good and tastes sweet! You should go and check the “King of Crabs”, Taiza crab, out yourself.  Booking far far in advance is required. Book now for the next year.

Taiza Crab

Crab centric dinner in Kinosaki

Visited in January 2017