Onsen Ryokan, Japanese Type of Hotel with private hot spring in the room


Is it embracing to take a public bath? In Japanese hot spring, you need to go naked, swim wear is not allowed. On the other hand, hot spring onsens  have many medical effects and merits. Especially for your skin in the winter, its functions are so obvious; skin gets smooth and moisturised. If you don’t want to  go naked with others but you still want to enjoy a hot spring,,,,,,, This is your solution: a private hot spring in a room.

Recently this type of onsens are getting popular and especially in high grade hotels, they  provide special rooms at a special rate. This is one example in a very traditional Ryokan in Kinosaki Onsen, Hyogo Prefecture. Dinner and breakfast will be served in your room. After dinner, they put away the table and make futon low bed on the Tatami floor. Onsen bath tab is provided in the inner court. I still  prefer to go to the big public bath since it is much warmer and more relaxing.

Visited in January, 2017