Kabuki Single Act Ticket, reasonable price and short!


Kabuki is a traditional theater show performed by male actors only; it has more than 400 years of history and is surprisingly still popular! Their performance can be categorized into five themes, although some may object the number: classics, history drama, old everyday-life drama, new scenario drama, and dance.

If you are new to Kabuki, dance would be good to watch. The music, fabulous kimono, and gorgeous dances are fun to watch. Kabuki plays are usually matinee and soiree, each play lasts four to five hours. Yes, it is too long!  Why don’t you buy single act tickets? It is available every day and pre-booking is not required. On the day, you que up at the left window of the main entrance of Kabuki-za. The seat is on the fourth floor but cheap. The price differs depending on the play but I would say it should be between 800 yen to 1,500 yen. You can rent an interpreter machine to understand the play (this costs extra).

If you want to watch Kabuki in silk kimono, give us an e-mail! A good genuine Kimono rental is available just across the Kabuki-za. Beside watching Kabuki, the Kabuki-za building has other attractions to offer; photo studio in your favorite costume, open-air terrace, souvenir shops directly connected to a subway station.  Try watching something really traditional Japanese for a change!  You might get drawn into the rich Kabuki culture…

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Pictures were taken in October, 2016

Uploaded in February, 2017