Gyoza, pan fried dumpling, Jiaozi 餃子 in Utsunomiya


Utsunomiya is the center city of Tochigi Prefecture, about 40 minutes north of Tokyo by Shinkan-sen. It is famous for Gyoza, Jiaozi, pan fried dumpling. They even have a cafeteria that the popular five shops serve their special Gyoza in the center of the town. We arrived at 2:15 pm and waited for about 20 minutes to be seated. Tasted four kinds of Gyouza and got full….. Yes, each of us had 12 Gyouza. I liked Minmin best.

According to the poster on the wall, people in Utsunomiya started eating Gyoza when people from North of China came back after the war. In addition to that they produce meat and vegetable in the vicinity, which is essential to make good filling for Gyoza. Enjoy!

Kirasse 来らっせ

January 29, 2017